Saturday, August 28, 2010's a surprise!

My brother, Hoke, is having his 58th birthday while we are in Pinetop at our brother and sister reunion.......
So, we have to celebrate and eat cake and have a party!

I saw this idea on someone's blog while blog stocking~
Can't remember where, but if it's your idea ~ leave me a comment and I'll give you credit~
but in the meantime..............
here's what my version looks like, but don't tell Hoke!!!


angieinpink said...

that is adorable.

and speaking of ADORABLE...thanks for the cutest cutest treat on my front door step. {sorry i missed you!} i was taking a nap & aparently myron didn't hear the door. omg, you even make returning a cup cute.

you are my american idol.

Salvage Chic Lady said...

...only four more years and we can collect social security!