Thursday, July 14, 2011

12 yrs. old today

*he receives the Priesthood on Sunday

*he got his first {suit}

*he got a new playstation (from aunts, uncles and grandparents)

*he now how is own phone (and has taught me to text)

*he made the honor roll

*he finally passed off his Articles of Faith

*he spoke in primary last Sunday and bore his testimony

*he is an {{{awesome}}} kid

**I am proud to have him as my Grandson**

I ♥ you Rylle!!

Happy Birthday!!


Paula said...

How sweet a tribute from a proud Grandma! He is so adorable. Reminds me of his Mom. Happy birthday (((HUGS))) for him! And (((HUGS))) to his Grandma, too!

Margie said...

Oh Bev., this is just pure joy! how fun to see this little man grow up.