Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Since Rylle has a phone now he and Grandma have become great texting buddies!
We usually have fun texting convo's every evening
here's how it went tonight.....

Me: What are you doing?
Rylle: Coming home from a scout class
Me: Kinda late
Rylle: Ya
Me: Are you tired?
Rylle: Ya, you
Me: Yeah, I'm tired. You've had a big day for a little guy
Rylle: ya, you've had a small day for an adult


(oh well, it was funny at the time)


Roxy Dozier said...

LOL, the things kids text! Too funny!!

Petersens said...

Super cute! What a funny little guy:)

Bev said...

Hi Sis,
Thank again for coming over for the weekend. Sorry it took you so long to get home. And yes guess what I gained 3 LBS THANKS it was well worth it!Love ya your the BEST. Love ya Char