Monday, November 25, 2013

HOLY CRAP.......
something to think about!

Are you a crap factory? And by that, I’m asking, do you manufacture your own unhappiness? All it takes to be in the crap producing business is to be pessimistic, negative and saturate your world with feelings of resentment and ill will. Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell everyone how bad things are and that you will never be satisfied. Being a crap producing factory is one of the easiest things in the world to accomplish.

A person becomes a crap factory by thinking crappy thoughts on a regular basis. If you habitually feel that everything is going to turn out bad, or that other people are getting what they do not deserve and you are not getting what you deserve, you’re not only stepping in crap, you’re producing it. "I will be happy when I get some sleep, when I make a more money, when I lose weight, or when my significant other helps out more". When you think and say things like this, you are creating pressure, stress, isolation, anger, frustration and what you're really saying is, "I will be UNHAPPY until these things happen..."

Crap factory describes what so many people do – they manufacture their own unhappiness. You are a factory of some sort. Every day you are either manufacturing something good or you are manufacturing crap. There are so many things in life that are out of your control that lead to unhappiness, it is silly to make the pile higher by producing your own brand of crap. A large proportion of the crap in the average person’s life is self-manufactured. If you don’t consciously decide what you produce at your factory each day, your environment and your past experience will determine it for you. Bad crap happens all the time to good people, just make sure you’re not adding to the pile by producing your own crap.

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I LOVE this! I even reposted it on Facebook, and it's got your fave word all over it ;-) haha!