Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The haunted house at our haunted house......
OK, my camera cannot do this cute house justice ......
but this haunted house is the cutest thing we've ever seen!
So many details....I wish I knew how to use my camera better
because you can't believe some of the cute things.....right down to the shingles!!

Every bit of it is stuff you could eat...don't know that you'd want to
but that's part of making a gingerbread house.....make it out of
stuff you can eat. Cheetos, chocolate, licorice, etc., etc., etc.

Look in the bottom right hand corner of the picture above.....
Yep, you guessed "M" word!
Placed there for my benefit....of course!
The boys giggled and giggled over it when Grandma is scared.

Check out the picture below....this cracked me up!
If you knew these two it would crack you up too!
Talk about crazy......
Oh, that is more true than you realize......
she needs help!
She's a crazy lady and I ♥ her!
♥ you too Sandi!!

My sweet Aunt Nel......the builder of the house.....I'm going to her house after Thanksgiving and she's going to teach me some of her talents!

She also brought pumpkins, bats and ghosts!
Cookies and chocolate galore.....Sweetpie was one happy man after
Aunt Nels visit!

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Paula said...

Cutest dang haunted house! ...and cutest Aunt Nel and Sandi!