Saturday, October 3, 2009

Momma Vanessa

Great Grand baby GIRL #2 is on her way
This is Vanessa, her Mom and her Dad is Jeremy, our grandson!
How excited are we!!
Our tradition for greats and grands, Mom gets to pick out a diaper bag from Dani's Designs

Vanessa, just go to her website and choose your colors and let me know what you like and I'll get it ordered for you and our baby girl #2 will have a Mom with the cutest diaper bag around!


Venessa said...

I wish I could sew that good! Im still learning! Well I checked out her site and I suck at picking out fabric but in her gallery she has a pic of a black bag with a hot pink bow around it and thats the sort of look i like! Something like that would be fine! :) thanks Bev!!

Salvage Chic Lady said...

How about a "carseat comfie" to go with that cute bag!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

oh congrats! i didn't know you were even started with GREAT grand babies! how fun for you!! ooh dani's bags are so cute!