Thursday, April 14, 2011

8 glasses a day is not an easy task~

Seems all I get done is drinking and ~ well, you know

My skin is dehydriated, eye Dr. said my eyes were dehydriated and they say it helps in loosing weight!! So, I'm giving it a try!!

Here's my new motto~

Especially if you live in the desert!!!


Roxy Dozier said...

I need to drink more, all those glasses of water make me feel water logged just looking at them!

Paula said...

I, too, have been trying to drink more water as I have such dry skin. I'm up to imbibing 14 1/2 glasses a day now. However some days I can't even look at water! I still have to slather on body butter to have my skin stay hydrated! Good luck! XOXO