Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Weekend!!

I love "General Conference" weekend......
being spiritually fed all weekend long!!

Then~off to play "Five Crowns"
Our new favorite game~

We went to see James and Kay and played a couple of games~

Look at that "bling" on her finger.......WOW!! I love that ring!!

My favorite weekend, my favorite game with some of my favorite people!!
Thanks James and Kay for the fun evening!!

(don't judge the favorite game by the look on his face.......really, it's fun)


Jenny Johnson said...

Hope they weren't better partners than us!! :) jk we had a blast and want to do it again soon.

kaypalmer4 said...

We bought our own set today, thanks for teaching us we had a blast. We taught Kaylese tonight and had a blast for FHE.I'm so glad that my teenagers love this game...