Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leave a "comment"............

I promise you won't be sorry!!

Some of you probably already know that our "Red Cup Club"~
Bev, Marla and Teri love to do service projects......
and we want to make you our next one!!

Teri and Marla are the decorators and I'm a cheerleader~
We have gotten so into doing "re-do's"
in other words......
If you have a room you want redone....we're your girls.
We take the stuff you already have and redo the room you request.
We're called.........
(bev, marla and Teri)

So, here are the rules:
Leave us a comment and a brief reason why you need your room redone

We'll put all your names in a hat and draw the winner.
We'll have our drawing Friday, June 10th
and we'll announce the winner here on my blog!~

So, come on, leave a comment~you know you want to!
This is going to be FUN!!

Here's a few pictures of Marla's guest room we just finished~


Sassy said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY STARS!!!!! What a great idea!!!!!!!! You girls would be awesome!!!! That get a way was just what you all needed to come up with such a great idea............PERF!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to redo my master bed room, because it has been the exact same for the past 6, yes SIX years!!! However, we will be moving soon, so I don't want to put in the time (or have other's donate their time) since we will not be able to enjoy it for very long. :( BUT, SUPER GREAT IDEA!!! Someone will be VERY LUCKY!

Matt & Erin said...

That's the BEST giveaway ever! I only wish I was local, now.

The Barr Family said...

OMG!!! I need to redo my girls bedroom.
I hope Ican win!!!
If I do,I will make salsa for you guy!!!!!!!!!
Now you Know who am I.

Alicia Marie said...

You know you want a get away to Snowflake. We found the cutest shop here that is full of all kinds of treasures that have great prices! it is only open on a saturday so you would have to come on a friday. But we would like the guest bedroom done and you guys came stay in there:) We will cook you a nice big brunch because we have to wake up early to go to the little shop we found! We have lots of room for you girls!!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Love how the room turned out! You ladies are amazing. And the master and master bath look fantastic also of course.
My place is no fun....but my mother really really really needs some help!! (and she has a bunch of great stuff to use, I am sure) So I am putting her name in the drawing instead of mine :)
My reason why, she is the best mother ever and seems to always do things for others, always putting herself last.
Hope she wins!
Hope she wins!

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