Saturday, November 5, 2011



If I were to ever have a "favorite" book
this would be it!!
Love this book, it reminds me of my Mom and reading it to my kids and brings back such sweet memories. If you've never read it~I suggest you give it a try...but, I promise, you'll cry!

My next favorite thing to do with books is DECORATE with them......

then....I found this wonderful idea of recycling vintage books~
what a great idea!!

How to recycle Vintage books

I'm thankful for books and very thankful for eyes so that I can read them!


Jenny Johnson said...

Love books and SO want to decorate with them. Love the book too. I remember my grandma reading it to me.

Kellie Petersen said...

I LOVE that book! It makes me cry everytime I read it!

angieinpink said...

my mom used to read me "iloveyouforever"......memories!

Sassy said...

I can NOT read that book without crying...I gave that book to my Mom one year years ago for Christmas........I LOVE IT!!!! Books are for sure one of my all time fave things.....especially vintage ones.....awww the sweet serenity of books!!!!