Monday, February 11, 2013

Do you watch the Bachelor?
I have a love/hate thing about that show.
I carry on and complain the whole time it's on........
but I never miss a show and if I do I DVR it.
(I need to get a life!)

but tonight......finally......
all my hollering at the TV paid off

so long Tierra~you are gone!

can't wait til next week!


The Kleyn Family said...

You sound like my mother ;-)
That bachelor/ette sucks you in. I haven't gotten way into this season & I miss it!

theleavittranch said...

AMEN! finally, she was driving me crazy!!!

Jenny Johnson said...

It's about gosh darn time that one of these Bachelor's got the hint and sent the Crazy girl packing!! Yee-Haw, praise The Lord Tierra is gone.

Emma said...

I LOVE That you watch it! :) I got Hanna hooked and we watch it together now every week Tuesday nights--cause we don't have DVR, so we have to count on HULU. But we were seriously screaming for joy that she was gone! :) I'm so glad he finally got the hint! But we were super sad that he sent Leslie! :/