Monday, February 4, 2013

It's about time.....

It's Feb. 4th and I still had the wreaths decorated for Christmas hanging in the dining room and when the french doors were closed this is what it looked like from the rest of the house........not so pretty.

So, finally......I found the ribbon I've been looking for at 
Hobby Lobby ( 1/2 price)
waaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaa!
Love the new French Country look.    
It's time to start doing some sprucing up around here!  


The Kleyn Family said...

I feel the same way--even though it's not really spring yet, I feel the urge to purge everything and start anew! Looks So CUTE!

Jenny Johnson said...

Bev, I am SO SO SO happy to see you up and blogging, and decorating again!! You are my hero!!