Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday night sleep over....what I live for!

Rylle and Tanner had their usual sleep over tonight....what a blast! They both like to sleep on our bedroom floor...go figure!

They like to sleep in their sleeping bags, or as Tanner says, "bean bags." Tonight after his bath I was helping Tanner get his "bean bag" ready, he said, "I can do it Grandma, all by myself, it's like going to Science Camp, I have to practice." Don't have any idea where that came from.

My grandkids love cookie dough, but who doesn't, except grandpa, oh well. Anyway, Rylle wanted a Kit Kat and cookie dough to take in the "bean bag" with him. I said, "Rylle, you really shouldn't have both, choose one or the other, he said, "remember, it's Grandma's house....anything goes!" Gosh I love those little guys to death!

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