Friday, December 26, 2008

My BFF, Marla, and I went bargin shopping today......looking for Christmas decorations for our homes. We started at Hobby Lobby, big deal, 50% off, they've been 50% off since forever, then on to Orange Patch, 50% off.....good stuff! We had to wait in line to get in and wait in line to check out, but we found some fun stuff at a great price. Then to "Crackers" for lunch and then on to Poppy's..... (Poppy's was empty!) only found a couple of things, then to return something to Cost Co....and hardly a line in the return department......yipee.......then we ended up at the Decor Store.......and we were in big trouble! Found lots of good we're looking forward to decorating with our new stuff next year.

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Margie said...

bev, great job, i am trying to get my background, but i have issues with my computer as my kids say. good now we can do this thing together., happy new year girl.