Monday, September 28, 2009

What's your style

Take the style know I love these things
Let me know what style you are or "tag" you're it.....
blog some pics that show your style

Here's my style~
and pictures that I ♥

Cottage Chic

If you find yourself loving garden themes and shabby chic d├ęcor, you are a cottage chick. You love the romantic look of white distressed furniture and pastel patterns. You want your home to give off a charming vibe, and you can accomplish this by adding antique touches to rooms such as old books, a tea set, and wicker rocking chair. The goal here is to bring the outdoors indoors with a cozy, feminine feel.

I love these pillows, but I must admit....I hate making the bed with all those pillows....but I do it with a smile!

I'm really lovin' green these days....go figure.

I'm fickle...I love, country and cottage and shabby and french country so my house is just a mish mosh of all kinds of it.....depending on which room you're really, I don't think I have a style!

I love the mix of fabrics here.....Diane is a pro at putting fabrics together for the cutest furniture ever. Check her stuff out here. Be sure to look for her sunflower sofa, so cute!

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