Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is my motto........
Here are a few Christmas decorations I've been collecting and want to make some day.....I've been collecting them so long I have not idea where the ideas came, if they came from your blog....leave me a message and I'll give you credit!
In the meantime......
Let's make our homes look a little like Christmas with these fun things!
Love these glasses....and look....there's one for every holiday!

Cookie easy is that?!

Glue peppermint candies on a hanger and waaaalaaa......instant decor!

I love messy ribbon stuff.......
I tie messy ribbons on everything I can find

Simple, simple, simple....makes me think of Marla!

A little dramatic.....kind of like the black. What do you think?

Ooh la la...wish my door was black!!

So Sassy....let's give this one a try!!


Angela B said...

Hey Bev Turley-
Just wanted to let you know that you are doing such a great job on Enrichment (RS activities) ;) and the RS blog. I have been a slacker in the comments department but have gotten back on track today. :) I have time off from school in January so let me know how I can help you with any RS activities during January or if you guys want to put me down for some more computer fun this coming year. Maybe Laurie Allred and I could team up for another blogging course with some family history flavor. Merry Christmas and super cute blog here too!!!!! :)


Sassy said...

How was the diet coke ornament it!