Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~Traditional Family Home Evening~
it all began with these folks

Every year at Christmas time they are hosts to a fun Family Home Evening at their home. Lots of music, good Christmas stories and always goodies!! This year was no exception and we love being guests at their home.

Kaylene reading her story

What a fun group!

The kids always have a good time

So do the adults.........

Ignore the "red eye" and the bad photography
just appreciate the playing of the chimes by Logan and Parker and Kyle

Hanna and Emma playing their famous duet!

More chimes and even more poor photography!

Michael is having a good time, can't you tell!

Emma, Jaden and Quinn

Jaden, sharing his Christmas story

Thank you for the nice evening!


Sassy said...

What a GREAT time it looks like you had......oh and I have a sister named Kaylene as that name and it's the same spelling....

muth said...

Thanks for posting that, Bev!!! ANY photos beats NO photos!! Love ya!