Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my babes..........

To: Heather, TerriAnne and Sean
What I've learned from being your MOM!

  1. Being a Mom is not for sissys!!
  2. Every once in a while all of your kids are doing OK at the same time....whew~~
  3. Never take for granted that they aren't listening to you......because they are and are following your example.......good and bad
  4. Don't ever give up~those little hellions actually grow up to make you proud and give back more than you ever gave to them
  5. You think mothering will get easier as they grow up, but (not really)
  6. You really do have to have the bad to appreciate the good
  7. Being a grandma is the best thing in the whole wide world!!!
  8. Those little kids, now grown up, can put their arms around you and make you feel like the fight you fought for them was all worth while
  9. Luckily, they don't remember all your mistakes
  10. Your kids, love you, no matter what! And for this I am GRATEFUL!!


angieinpink said...

love it! you are so wise & your kids are so lucky to have you. teach me as i go along, k? 'cause i want to be just like ya.

Paula said...

Of course your kids adore you! ~ what's not to LOVE! You are such a good mom and you have three beautiful kids that I love almost as much as I love you!