Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your attention please........

I have this adorable little cabinet hanging in my living room
I ♥ it, always have.
Here's the story.....
We have a nephew that makes these and sells them.
I've had this little gem for a number or years......
Robin probably won't recognize is.....cuz when he made it for me it was that beautiful country green and had a piece of glass in the door.
Well, to make a long story short, it used to hang in my kitchen in my other house, full if little bottles with spices in them.
One night we were sleeping and we heard this big, loud CRASH~ woke us both up and we went to see what happened
(we thought we'd been shot) and in that neighborhood it was a possibility. Anyhoooo.....we went to the kitchen and saw my spice cabinet was on the floor, glass was broken and spices and glass were all over the place and the beautiful finish had nicks all over it from the broken glass.
Well, once it was cleaned up, we hung it on the wall without the glass back in the kitchen......but then when I moved to my other house I didn't have room in my kitchen for the little spice rack, so I painted it black and hung in right smack dab in my living room.
Quite a nice addition, don't you think?
I'm trying to talk Robin into making some more and selling them on blogs and Etsy keep your eyes wide open and keep checking for them to show up here on this blog!!
You are going to want one of your very own....I know you are!!
Robin, you rock....and I love my spice rack turned into my little dish shelf and we love you too!!


Coree Adams said...

Seriously, I love that!

Sassy said...

I loved it too when I first saw it.....but then again E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in your home I love....