Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Buffy and PJ~
Soon to be married, Dec. 11
She belongs to the centerpieces in the last post....
Hard to believe ~ she should still be that little girl!
Buffy totally love me from the minute I came into their family
and I loved her right back.....
There was just something about that girl.....
loved me unconditionally and would follow me around like a little puppy and I loved it!!
I remember she would come over for sleep overs and we would play tricks on Grandpa!
One time when he was asleep Buffy wanted to put make-up on him~
so we did.....FUNNY!! Lipstick and eyeshadow and blush.
He was a good sport and Buffy, I will never forget that!
Love you!!


angieinpink said...

she's gorgeous! cute centerpieces for a cute couple.

Petersens said...

Thanks for the picture! So exciting! I love the make up thing! too funny.