Thursday, December 23, 2010

Missing a "HO"

Any of you that know me know I love to decorate for Christmas~
Don't know what happened this year
Between Ward party, RS party, Fam party, ASU party
shopping, being sick, etc., etc., etc~
Christmas just seemed to pass me by

Hardly any decorating at my house~
not even a wreath on the front door
no lights outside
My tree sat in the middle of the living room floor for 3 days
NOTHING on it!!
Finally lights and a few balls~

I'm even missing a "HO".........


I just couldn't be creative because I really wanted a totally different look
Hot pink, purple, lime green and teal
Where did that come from?

the Red Cup club had our Christmas party tonight
and looky ~ looky
My BFF Terri got me started for next year.......

So watch out~
I have big plans for after Christmas sales
and my decorating will be "over the top"
next year~promise!!

1 comment:

Matt & Erin said...

That isn't like you at all!! Merry Christmas (and a better decorating year in 2011, right?!)!