Saturday, December 18, 2010

There's a little corner in my TV room ~
this is where the computer lives and where I sit to FB and blog.....
I haven't sat down at this computer for at least a week~
tonight seemed to be the perfect night to grab a few minutes and check on my peeps on FB and do a little blog stalking
when I arrived at said corner to use the computer I found a sticky little mess.
I asked Grandpa about it~
he blamed it on the GRANDS~
I asked the GRANDS about it~
they blamed it on Grandpa~
a little windex, paper towels and elbow grease it's all clean again,
the little sticky tracks left behind are from 3 of my fav guys
and as much as I love this little corner of my home to be clean
I'm so glad they left those sticky tracks on the computer desk and on my
HEART too!!