Thursday, June 13, 2013

11:oo am at my office
We're purging files and sending them to storage
it was a BUSY day!!

Then there's my friend JENNY
she posted this on facebook at 11:oo~here's what she's doing. 
What's wrong with this picture?

Trade ya places, Jenny.....
honestly, if anyone deserves to sit with her feet up and not work it's Jenny!  Love ya girl! 


Sassy said...

Purging..............something I NEED TO DO for sooooooo many areas!!!!! Loved Jenny's picture!!!!!! LOVE BLOGGING AGAIN WITH YA MY FRIEND!

Emma said...

Do you still need my help with files?! I'd love to do it for you!! Let me know! I'm home and ready to start whenever!

Jenny Johnson said...

Thanks Bev!! and if you need help at your office, I am always available now! Especially for the greatest person ver, meaning YOU!!!