Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I have often walked down this street before,
  But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before. 
                All at once am I Several stories high. 
            Knowing I'm on the street where you live. 

I'm standing in my drive-way looking down the street.
All is quiet on the HOT summer evening......the asphalt is HOT and there's no one to be found. 
But, I remember growing up in Phoenix......on these same HOT summer evenings and our street was alive!!  As kids we used to play in the street......yeah, go figure.  We'd all meet out under the street light and play Kick the Can, Hide and Seek, Red Rover and all those fun games we used to entertain ourselves with.  Fast forward about 55 yrs and it's not that way too much anymore.  Kids just aren't out playing in the streets quite like we did.  Oh yeah, every once in awhile I'll see a kid out riding their bike or playing basket ball.......but not a whole neighborhood of kids like we used to hang out with. 
I guess that's why they call them the good old days!!


Jenny Johnson said...

Love that song!! One of my favs! And I love the street where you live and so glad we are still close.

Sassy said...

I also love that song..............I can't agree more...IT IS NOT LIKE IT USE TO BE.....our children had to have a silly rule like WHEN THE STREET LIGHTS COME ON...GET HOME!!!!! Because they would have kept playing FOREVER!!!! You are right...no one is out and about anymore......sooooo sad.....I guess they have those games and all that technology........DO YOU WANT TO COME OVER AND PLAY KICK THE CAN WITH ME? I could make stove top hahahaha I just thought of that old commercial..........LOVED THE GOOD OL' DAYS!!!!!!