Sunday, May 31, 2009

HERE'S YOUR SIGN............'re it! Show us your signs!~
My obsession with signs makes Diane's and Emily's look mild. Isigns and I think if you're going to put something on the wall it might as well make a
A mother's day gift from TeriAnne

This sign hangs in our game room. Anyone that knows NT, knows he loves COKE.

I made this sign at Enrichment, this is when NT and I were married

This hangs in my dining room above the window

This is in the dining room above the counter

My all time favorite, hangs above our bed

My guest room is Americana and this hangs in there
My BFF, Terri, made this sign

Ain't it the truth!~

For the Greats and that is!

This sign was made by my DIL, Meghan and it says it all!


Diane, this is the sign Terri Hill got for you!~


Paula said...

Love the signs! Love you more! Everything you do has a sign on it that says"LOVE"! XOXOX

The Egans said...

You do have s slight obsession with signs. I'm glad you found the one that I gave you for your birfday even thought you thought I STOLE it..