Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's MOTHER'S WEEK...............

Ok, when my kids were growing up we had this little joke going on.....I thought it was a little joke, they (kids) thought it was ridiculous! When it was my birthday or Mother's Day....we didn't just celebrate the day.....we celebrated the week (my idea....and quite a good one I think).

Me: Who wants to clean the kitchen for me?

Them (kids): No answer

Me: Come on, it's Mother's Day.

Them (kids): Mom, today is Monday and Mother's Day isn't until Sunday.

Me: Ok, let's have Mother's Week instead of Mother's, get in here and clean this kitchen.

Them (kids): I hate these stupid holidays!!

So, all the posts this week will be about MOTHERS!!! The good, bad and the ugly parts about being a MOM~~


Matt & Erin said...

I love it! What a great idea! Too bad I'll share Mother's Week with Matt and Levi's birthdays. I'm thinking the birthdays will come first and I'll be doing the spoiling. Oh, well! :)

Paula said...

Great idea! ...wonder why it didn't catch on worldwide?!

Turley fam said...

Well, how fun for you. I kindof take the opposite approach. I try to think of all the ways I can let them know that I am so thankful to them for making a mother. Being a mother is truly my greatest blessing. Last year on Mother's Day I gave them each a gift. It usually comes back 10 fold and really all a Mother wants is for her children to be happy, making good choices and serving others. If we can have a day full of love, peace & time with eachother that is all the gifts I need. Just my take on Mother's Day.