Sunday, May 10, 2009

The mailman bringith gifts!!!

The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon and when I went to the door no one was there. I looked around and saw the mailman driving away. So, I looked down on the porch and there to my surprise was a package. I hurried and opened it as the return address said it was from the Turley kids in Illinois.....yipee!!! Happy Mother's Day from Kevin, Laura, Elizabeth, Miriam and Anna.

They also sent chocolate chip cookies, but I couldn't include them in the picture because they are in Grandpa's tummy!! Yum, yum he said......"Me like cookies". I think he's the Cookie Monster, what do you think?

Thanks for the nice surprise and starting my Mother's Day off in a big way!!


Kevin N. Turley said...

Guess we should have sent low carb cookies. Grandpa Turley will be getting his own "thin, brown, and crispy" cookies (i.e. burnt offerings )for Fathers Day :^D. Glad you liked the book though.

Kevin and the Girls

The Hills said...

that is the best book!