Sunday, May 24, 2009

No, Apache Junction's got talent
and her name is
This is her new little creation......
isn't it cute?
I had an old chair and a foot stool I bought at a garage sale. Diane did her magic and WaaLaa!!
Take a peek......What do you think?

I was going to put it in a little corner in the office, but it's so cute, I want to leave it right in the middle of the living room floor.
Be sure to check out Diane's Website
and also her blog
You'll be glad you did, but be careful, I know you'll want one of her pieces too! Thanks Diane, you're awesome!!


Salvage Chic Lady said...

Bev, check out the vase on Cherry Hill Cottage blog, you'll probably gotta have one!

Turley fam said...

Yes she certainly is talented, love her work!