Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll tell you about me if you'll tell me about you.........

5 things under $5 I couldn't live without...

1.) Chapstick or Carmex.....I think I'm addicted

2.)Cherry, Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper............I KNOW I'm addicted

3.) Ice......need I say more?

4.) Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion.......I lather up every single day!

5.) Toothbrush and toothpaste....I don't even want to try!

5 favorite movies...

1.) The Bridges of Madison County

2.) The Notebook

3.) American President

4.) Pretty Woman

5.) The Sound of Music (Ok, I know I'm old)

5 baby names I love...

1.) Tyler

2.) Kate

3.) Tanner

4.) Madison

5.) Rylle

5 songs I love...

1) Called to Serve (It's my favorite church hymn)

2) Mary Did You Know

3) Somewhere Over the Rainbow

4) At Last by Etta James (not Beyonce)

5) Singin' in the Rain (always makes me feel happy)

5 life changing moments...

1) The day I married NT

2) Each time I had a baby and held them in my arms for the first time

3) When I became a GRANDMA!!

4) When Obama became President.....I don't think our lives will ever be the same

5) When Sean and Megan got married

5 current obsessions... not "current" but ongoing...

1) Blogging....I love it and use it as my journal. I try to blog everyday!

2) Counting Carbs!! I'm sick of doing it, but I'm obsessed about it too.

3) Cherry, Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper

4) home, fixing it up, cleaning it up and just plain enjoying it more!

5) Recipes.....I'm always looking for a good, easy, low carb recipe. Do you know any good ones?

5 places I want to go...

1) Hawaii

2) Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, Georgia

3) New York~I want to see Tiffany's, go to a Broadway show (on Broadway) see Central Park

4) Amish country

5) on an Alaskan cruise

5 appliances or kitchen tools I could not live without...

1) hairdryer

2) washing machine

3) Stove

4) dish washer

5) Refrigerator

So, now do a post and tell me about you. I'll be checking. Just cut and paste this post and change my answers and fill yours in. I'll warn you, it's harder than it looks.


Paula said...

Just LOVED reading this! You are so fun! I had a ball doing mine - thanks - you know how much I get a kick out of these. But you were right - they are tough.

I adored having you at my house. We will have to do it again. Maybe I can figure out a way to go to Amy's and see you again soon!


Kevin N. Turley said...

Hey Bev. We have a favorite website that we like to go to that has South Beach (low-carb) friendly recipes. The great thing about it is that the majority of the recipes are both economical and don't use fancy-shmancy ingredients that you either can't find or afford.

Let me know what you think.

Kevin N. Turley said...

PS - You previously asked me if we have a blog. We don't have one. We're on facebook though (just as fun and a little more secure). You should check it out.