Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's time to change hats!!

For 5 years I've been wearing the HAT of a Primary teacher or a Young Women leader! And to some of those girls I have been both their Primary and YW leader for all those years. What a fun HAT it has been to wear! But, to quote Bob Dylan, the "Times, they are a changing". So, now I'll be changing HATS!

Sunday I was released from YW and I am now in the Relief Society. I am the Enrichment Leader and I'm looking forward to working with the great women in that organization. To change hats is an interesting thing to do.

So, to the YW and YW Leaders of Fairfield Ward, past and present......this post is for you.

Danielle~ you are the creative one of the bunch, what talent you have! If I could only be like you!
Mary~I miss you. Wish you were still with our group. Every group needs a good nurse.
Tina~ you know the gospel so well. I learned so much about the B of M from you that I never knew.
Marilyn~What a beautiful voice you have! I love to hear you sing and I always liked to be around you, you are so kind and loving.
Cheryl~I've never met a teacher that could get the point across like you can. What a way you have with those YW. You are amazing.
Kiley~Your youth and vitality are great and those YW need that! You kept us all young!
Karen~You love those YW and it shows. I've seen you go above and beyond for them. I'm glad I got to know you and your sweet family.
Jenny~You know how I feel about you! You and I were a good pair and I depended on you a lot and you always came through. You're fun, fun, fun!! I love to hear your testimony.
Deny~You are the matriarch of the group. You bring the stability, spirit and leadership to all of us. Your calming voice was much appreciated and your love and concern for the girls is obvious.

To the YW:

Candice: You are so thoughtful. You go out of your way to include everyone and be a good example.
Brianne: Wish I could have known you better. You're on your way to being a fine young lady. Seemed like you grew up so fast.
Katie: Girl, you have been their fearless leader and did a great job of it!! You're so busy and talented.
Heather: If I ever need a good poem, you're the one I'd turn to. What a talened YW you are and I'm so glad you share your talent with us.
Bethany: You can set the tone for the whole group. You have a strong spirit, how lucky you are.
Becky: You have a sweet wholesome way about you. Don't ever give up on your dreams.
Ashley: You were quiet, but when you had something to say it was meaningful. I miss seeing you.
Allison: You are going to marry the most handsome man on the planet. You love to pray and are a good example of a Valient YW.
Afton: Everyone looks to you~you are confident and beautiful and I miss seeing you every Sunday. You always gave me a hug and I miss that.
Kristina: You are a good sport. You were always willing to try anything and once you did the others followed.
Emma: You are a strong leader. I could always call on you for help and you were always willing. I can see you as a Relief Society President someday.
Holly: You are the creative one in the YW group. Every time we did a craft you were the envy of the whole group. You're so good at everything you do.
Emily: You are always upbeat and happy. You're a pleasure to be around and you always had a kind word for everyone.
Hanna: I loved being with you. I loved talking decorating, fashion and everything with you. You have a flare about you and I've seen you grow so much over the few years we've been together.
Cassie: Always thinking of others! You were always so kind to me and helpful. You have a good attitude and such a pleasant disposition.
Brittney: You were the new one of the group and I miss seeing you. We had a blast at Ussery Pass and the trip home. Remember?
Claire: You came in and I had to leave. I was so looking forward to getting to know you better.

I am going to miss being with you every Sunday and I love each of you. Come see me!!!


Emma said...

Oh Sister Turley! I already miss you! :( Thank you for being so amazing. I don't know how we are going to live without you now, we've had you for so long! You are so sweet to do that for everyone! We will still invite you to everything! :)

Turleyfam said...

What a nice thing to do. I think you will be sooo great there!

Matt & Erin said...

It's obvious that you have loved serving with the young women- I'm sure you were super! Good luck with the new calling in Relief Society, isn't change fun??!

dani said...

Bev, I am sad because I know the girls are going to miss you but I am excited we get to be together in RS. Thanks for your great spirit!

Kristina Wilson said...

Hey Sis Turley!
Thank you so much!:) I'm going to miss you and all the fun we had in young womens! Definitely we will visit you!
We still gotta have our partys! On Sunday i walked in. and then first thing i thought was NO! Sis. Turley isnt in here anymore! its going to be so sad not seeing you every week in young womens. :( But i know you'll be amazing in Relief Society! :) good luck! :)