Monday, March 2, 2009

The passing of a few days........

Let me start with some important news!! Tanner turned 6 Fri., and Heather turned....ah hemm....we won't tell on Sat. Happy Birthday to both of you.

H-Happy, she's always got a smile!!
E-Energetic~she's a hard worker and is busy all the time
A-Attitude~she's got a good one and she's the good example of making lemonade out of lemons
T-Terrific~She's my bud! I can always count on her no matter what.
H-Heart~she's got a big one and she'll give you the shirt off her back
E-Eager to help...she's good to her MOM and anyone she can help, she will
R- Ready willing and able ...what ever you need....she's there for you!!
Happy Birthday, Heather!

T-Terrific kid! He's always so happy
A-Adorable-he's got the cutest dimples
N-Not your ordinary little boy, he's the most loving little guy I've ever seen
N- Neat, he's such a neat kid, especially about his clothes and the way he looks and he's only 6
E-Exceptional......and I'm glad he's my grand son!
R-Rocks....yes, ROCK!

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Meghan and Sean Green said...

Tanner is so freakin cute, he's a little man now. And Heather is just wonderful.