Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One boy and one grandma.........

Gosh how I love this kid!
My cousin Paula gave her daughter this cute little survey that your kids are to answer about you. I thought it was so cute, so I decided to give it to Rylle about his Grandma.......ME. Remember, Rylle is 9, so maybe that will help some of his answers make more sense. It was lots of fun, you should try it - you may be surprised!

  1. What is something Grandma always says to you? "I love you"

  2. What makes Grandma Happy? "Seeing us" meaning Rylle and Tanner and Mallory (yep, it's true)

  3. What makes Grandma sad? "When we leave" (he's so right)

  4. What makes your Grandma laugh? "When she plays with us" (they crack me up alright)

  5. What was your Grandma like as a child? "Cute" (Oh Rylee, you are so right!)

  6. How old is your Grandma? "65" What is he thinkin??????

  7. How tall is your Grandma? "I don't know"

  8. What is your Grandma's favorite thing to do? "Play with us" {yep, it's true}

  9. What does your Grandma do when you're not around? "Waits for us to come over" (for sure, for sure)

  10. If your Grandma becomes famous, what will it be for? "Being great! (now you know why I love that kid! )

  11. What is your Grandma really good at? "Playing and baking"..........huh, Me? Baking?

  12. What is your Grandma not very good at? "Pool"

  13. What does your Grandma do for her job? "She helps the dr.s"

  14. What is your Grandma's favorite food? "Bean Burros"......not~

  15. What makes you proud of your Grandma? "That you play with us"

  16. If your Grandma were a cartoon character, who would she be? "Mickey Mouse" huh? I said you mean Minnie, he said no, Mickey...go figure!

  17. What do you and your Grandma do together? "Play games and air hockey"

  18. How are you and your Grandma the same? "Playing board games and poker"

  19. How do you know your Grandma loves you? "she tells me and she plays games with me"

  20. Where is your Grandma's favorite place to go? "to work".....wrong Rylle, wrong!


Paula said...

Wasn't that so fun! Way cute, Rylle!

Meghan and Sean Green said...

that is so cute, i had to read it to sean.
I definatly feel blessed to have known these little boys since they were "wee little ones".)

Kristina Wilson said...

Hey, so i know this has nothing to do with this post. but by the way that picture of you two is cute. photogenic much? but what is your email sis.turley? i wanted to send you an invite to MY own personal blog. so if you could just get it to me somehow id love to invite you. Thanks :)

Bev said...

for you kristina...newel13@msn.com
Can't wait to see your private blog....hurry, email me!!

Mallory Peterson said...

grandma u made a mistake its Rylle not rylee on number 4. hhahaha lol
<3 luv ya