Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keri're the best!!!

"Nothing dresses up for a fancy to-do like an apron. It's like it puts on its lipstick and a slick pair of heels and it's ready to party!."

I got the best surprise the other day....
Marla and I placed a special order with Jenny's mom,
for an CUTE apron she makes. We wanted to get Terri one for her birthday.......

(remember this cute apron from the post for Terri's birthday)
So CUTE!!!!
To my surprise.......when Jenny arrived she had 2 aprons instead of 1
Keri Sue
made 1 for me!!! Yippeeee!!

Look how cute!!!
(the apron....not me)
Jenny, your MOM rocks!!
Keri Sue
(Hey, that rhymes)

(don't tell Terri, but I like mine best!


Paula said...

I love, love, love it! ...and you!

Venessa said...

Thats so cute!!!

Jeff and Jenny said...

My mom is pretty darn awesome!!! We are so glad that you like it!

Matt & Erin said...

I love it- and I agree, I like your's the best (although they are both very cute)!

Salvage Chic Lady said...

Way cute!

Sassy said...

OH MY STARS......I want one just like yours.....and you have a gorgeous home too.....

Anonymous said...
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