Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th ......
It's special in every way......
Cuz it's the day we celebrate a YOUR birthday!

Your fifties is the stage in your life when you become mature, reliable and dependable. In other words, boring, predictable and conventional.

In your fifties time becomes precious and must not to be wasted - every minute is an excellent opportunity for a good nap.

Fifty and wise or eighteen and foolish? If only there were a choice!!

I can’t believe you’re 50; 49 maybe, but never 50!

Wish you were here to celebrate......
We can party when you return
I guess it can wait!

Grand babies are due
You've waited so long
If they're born Nov . 4th
You can sing them this song.....
"Happy Birthday to You"
and to you and to you....oh my, what will you do?

Terri, you are a one in a million friend and I you!
Happy Day!!


Stu and Angie Milne said...

I am in shock. There's no way I would believe Teri was 50 (not that that's old, but she looks and acts so young!) happy birthday Teri!!!! And congrats on the new grandbabies :) hope they come soon!

Jeff and Jenny said...

Who couldn't love Teri, and Bev! You are a great friend to have and we are ALL luck to have you! And she looks so stinking cute in that apron too!!

Anonymous said...
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