Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 thumbs up....1 thumbs down!

I got this perfect brownie pan for Christmas......
It's awesome
Especially since Sweetiepie loves the edges of the brownie
and it makes perfect pieces
I frost the pieces individually
The are amazing!
I've already used it 6 times since Christmas
You gotta get one!

These little wonders have made my life so much better!
Imagine that.....
getting excited about Microfiber Terry Towels
But let me tell you.....
Ever since we put in the granite counter tops I have been obsessed with keeping them clean and streak free......
Next to impossible, I might add!
Seems the dark granite showed every single little thing!
Drove me crazy
I was a Windex and paper towel freak....seems I always had windex in one hand and a paper towel in the other......and they still looked like crap.

Then one day our tile man was here and he told me about these little gems
And I am in LOVE!
I use the green one wet, to wipe the counter tops and use the yellow one to dry it with........
No streaks........EVER!!!

The only problem I see with them is you can't use fabric softner with them.....it removes the magnetic part, or something like that.
Also, I wish they weren't such light colors.......
but you know, my life is so much easier with them I won't complain!
Gotta get ya' some!
I also have a mop made out of the same stuff....
folks always ask how I keep my white tile so shiny....
Now you know

Now, to the thumbs down............take a look at this.......
Can you guess what this is?
It goes in my dryer........yep, a Bounce Stick on
Every piece of lint from anywhere is stuck to this bad boy.......
Can you imagine?
Don't waste your money.........you'll just be throwing your money away and that's exactly what I'm going to do with this thing!!
(I've only done 2 loads of laundry with this)
Can't get rid of it fast enough!


Paula said...

Awesome reviews! We have a part of the news that is "let Bill buy it and try it!". Well, look at you - you just did 3 episodes for the price of one! Thanks!

mommat@blogspot.com said...

we sure love you. your great.i just got a recipe for brownies. i let you know if its good.its good for you so if might be nasty.ill let you know.love tammy

Sassy said...

You are bomb diggity.....trying out thing a ma bobs and letting us know about them.......I must say your counter tops were gorgeous and I have been curious about the brownie pan......I need to buy a mop like yours....can you find them anywhere?

Jenny Johnson said...

I have been so curious about that brownie pan, good to know it works, I just might go get one!