Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lemonade at it's finest................

What a fun day!
Thanks to all our friends and family who came to support
Rylle and Tanner in their big sale!

A visit from Grandpa Holyoak and Pappa
The boys made the signs themselves
Grandma made the cookies and they fought over who would make the we took turns!

Here they are before the BIG stand opened
counting their change to see how much they started with
(That was Grandma's money)

Once they got things set up we had to say the
"Pledge of Allegiance"
It was very cool.....I'd never heard them say it before
Rylle even did the Scout salute!

"There is no Grandma that does not adore her Grand kids!"

Tanner had a melt down~over who got to use the marker to write on the trash's so hard to be 6 years old!!

But......he got over it quickly and soon returned to his old sweet self!

So many of our friends from the ward came
(of course, I begged them to show up)
just so the boys could be successful!
We even had a visit from our Home Teacher
Jaden! You rock, thanks for coming!

I think they ate as many cookies as they all in all....
it was a huge success!

They made $28~
divided it up equally~
They figured out their tithing and put it in a separate baggy.
We had a fun sleep over and an even more fun lemonade stand
Thanks again to
Mallory for making cookies
Emma, Parker, Hanna, Jaden, Marla, Terri and Mike, Kayola, Mary, Shauna, Grandpa and Lavina, Heather, Cecelia, Sean, Mom, Dad, Logan, Kate, various neighbors and folks driving by and anyone else I forgot
Thanks for helping my little GRANDS!! I love and appreciate every single one of you!!

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Sassy said...

And you are so WELCOME!!!! WOW!!!! Even was named as a customer....I feel very special....the lemonade was de-lish but half to say I was diggin' my diet coke....heaven forbid anyone drinks a pepsi and starts dancing funny and grabbing their crotch.....that was too funny Newell! Thank you for the fun time!