Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every home tells a story ….what story does your home tell?

Does it smell delicious?

Is there beauty brightening the rooms?

Are the sounds sweet and joyful?

Is it safe and warm, physically and emotionally?

Most of all…is there love? That’s what really matters.

You can have the most beautiful house filled with lovely treasures, but if love doesn’t live there…what good is it?


angieinpink said...

i love your home so much. it's the most inviting place ever.

home is my very favorite place to be. it's cozy & full of ♥.

cute, cute post.

Salvage Chic Lady said...

My home says ... I need a facelift!
I'm a home body and would rather be home than almost anywhere!

Roxy Dozier said...

My home says happiness. Hardly ever is there an ill word spoken, fighting and arguing, or hurtful actions towards one another. It may be untidy at times but always, happy, loving, and full of laughter. I love your house!

Sassy said...

First of all.....{{{{I WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR HOME!!!!}}}}} So dadgum cute!!!!! L.O.V.E. IT!!!!

Mine says......or shouts that CRAZY {me} lives here....I have left my mark on everything....don't want anyone to forget me...hahahaha....JK...I think when people come in they can tell we BELIEVE in a Father in Heaven....I LOVE that our home always smells pretty good...I love cutesy and funky and it pretty much says that the minute you walk in....and my grandkids know we love and toys and games waiting for them...well it helps that I teach preschool here too....hahahahaha...and I ALWAYS have a project going so I think no one would think I am boring....and my hubby is here....I can count on him ALWAYS coming home to me....I LOVE THAT!