Monday, April 26, 2010

Trying to conserve.........

Meet the cast of the guilty pleasures!~

I am so wasteful with electricity.......
this summer I'm going to try to conserve!!

I am guilty of leaving the cable boxes on, even when I shut the TV off

but not anymore!!
I am guilty of having these little Bath and Body thingeys
plugged in all over my house

but not anymore!~
I am guilty of leaving little lights on 24/7 in the dark rooms,
like the bathroom
but not anymore!
I am guilty of leaving night lights on all day long
and leaving things plugged in that are already charged!
but, not anymore!
I have these little bottles all over the place that are on all the time
Day and night.........
but, not anymore!
I am guilty of having Christmas tree lights on my cute topiaries
and leaving them on all the time.....

but, not anymore!

I am guilty of having 3, yes~3 refrigerators and one upright
1 fridge is in the kitchen, yes, where it's supposed to be~

1 fridge is in the dining room usually full of water
and a variety of soda~and other odds and ends.

1 fridge is out in the HOT garage, filled with.......

you guessed it.....

more pop and other crap I don't know what to do with.

And, also out in the HOT garage is an upright freezer
working as hard as it can work cuz it's so dang HOT out there!

So, you do the math.....
3 refrigerators
1 upright freezer
tons of lights
lots of Bath and Body thingeys........
and 2 people

I'm going to clean out both extra fridges and unplug them
(maybe even get rid of them)
and, if the freezer will fit in the dining room we're going to move it in there where it's cooler!
I am also going to set my clock earlier each morning and get up and unplug and turn off every single thing I can that I am not using.
Now, maybe we can run the A/C
and stay cool this summer.


Roxy Dozier said...

Good for you! When you do stop and think about it we are very spoiled. I have to have my night lights so you're way ahead of me. Save the EARTH, turn off the lights! That's what we learned from our Kindergarden classes this year. They still walk around shouting it!

Salvage Chic Lady said...

Look at you going all green...good for you!

Paula said...

You always manage to inspire me! Love your guts!

Sassy said...

WOW!!!! Definitely an go girl!

Coree Adams said...

Hey if you get rid of one of them, let me know, we might need one in our next house!