Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm wanting to start a recipe blog
Just so I can go to my blog and get my favorite recipes
If any of you would like to participate and add your recipes, let me know and I'll make you an author

Help me decide what to name my new blog
Leave me a comment with your favorite name
Or, if you have a name you like better leave it too and we'll talk about it

Here's your choices:

  • Fried, Baked or Toasted
  • Come Gather Around Our Table
  • Butter my Bread
  • Move over Martha
  • Chicks that Cook
  • Chicks in the kitchen
  • A pinch of this~A dash of that
  • Cooking up Trouble


Roxy Dozier said...

I want in! I also need your salad recipe for the salad that has ramen in it. The one you took to grandpas party. I have to take a salad to a party on Wednesday. I think Butter me bread is cute. Take and bake and I helped!!

angieinpink said...

i am all about this! i am not a very good chef {like, at all}....feeding my family stresses me this will help me! and maybe someday i'd be cool enough to contribute!

i like move over martha, but they are all stinkin' cute! how do you think of these're the cutest person ever.

Sassy said...

I want in.......

I always wanted to name mine "WELL BUTTER MY BUTT AND CALL ME A BISCUIT" hahahahahaha

Seems like everything I eat goes right there...may as well glue it right on....