Monday, April 9, 2012

40 yrs ago
Heather and me
(Heather gave this drawing to me for Christmas 2011)
I cried, I was so touched!
(the drawing is from a photo of us, and the drawing is really good)
My camera is a cheapy piece of you know what~
and the photographer is even worse than the camera.


Sassy said...

What a beautiful drawing......AWESOME TALENT!!!!!! What a priceless treasure for it!

Wasn't it just yesterday we were twenty????????

Jenny Johnson said...

That's amazing!!! What a special gift for a mom.

Paula said...

How sweet and tender a gift. Such a loving picture of mother & daughter. You really resemble your mother when she was young... simply BEAUTIFUL! Love you. Love Heather.

The Kleyn Family said...

I love this! How sweet!!