Friday, April 20, 2012

Not one of my favs....
but I did find some pretty cute things I wouldn't mind having in ORANGE!

 I love these I'd just need to buys something ORANGE to wear with them.....
good idea? 

I've never seen ORANGE tulips in real life....
have you?  

 Double ~♥~

I love polka dots.....even if they're ORANGE!
But. when I think of ORANGE~
the first thing that comes to mind is 
Try to decorate that huge ORANGE building for Christmas, for the Radio City Christmas show with an ORANGE 
background......what a challenge!! I'll never forget that Christmas as long as I live!! 


Paula said...

I can so see you in those shoes! Forget buying something orange to wear with them - hot pink, lavender, white or black, or yellow, or lime green - any would do!

Sassy said...

Love your pictures!!!!! I am not so much a fan but your pictures of orange cuteness almost makes me want some in my life......and I AM SO IMPRESSED THAT YOU HAD THE JOB OF DECORATING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BUILDING..........That says ALOT about you my friend!!!!