Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~Where I eat breakfast~

I have breakfast in bed .....every single day!
Yep, I sit on my bed~
Sweetiepie brings in 2 scrambled eggs (I'm sick to death of eggs)
but must have protein and no carbs......
and, I watch the Today Show and put on my make-up.
I'm not a breakfast person....and now you know why!
I'd probably love breakfast if I could have one of SASSY'S
hot {{buns}}


The Kleyn Family said...

That's the life!!! In bed everyday??! Lucky! But I agree on the eggs---bleh...

Sassy said...

YOU ARE SO FUNNY! I love your Sweetie Pie....I especially love that you are treated like a're right though eggs WOULD GET OLD!!!!!!! I 'll make you some buns if you'd like my friend........and THERE ARE NO EGGS IN THEM!!!!!!! hahahaha

Paula said...

I love that you get served every morning! You deserve it!

Jenny Johnson said...

I am jealous!!!