Thursday, April 26, 2012

 I have some black and I have some white in my home, but not much that is black and white......and lately, everything in our house is in living, bright color! 
We're getting ready for a baby shower and I'm like one of the storks little elf's....painting, glittering and making everything look baby shower ready.

 But, I did find a little note from Tanner, in blue and white print on a black board......
Notes like this make my ♥ happy!  


Paula said...

Love the bright colors you are using for the baby shower! It's gonna be so beautiful! You make everything you touch sparkle! And, that sweet note from Tanner is priceless.

Sassy said...

The shower is going to be AWESOME!!!! You are such an expert when it comes to parties......and OH MY STARS!!!! ♥ THE NOTE!!!!! Those are priceless!!!!