Saturday, April 14, 2012

I had a good day today...........
I felt pretty good....
  • had house guests (Char, Roxy, Alexandra and Sydney)
  • worked on a decorating project for one of Terianne's friends (started last night~finished today)
  • taught Char and Roxy how to make 1 hr. bread
  • Played a game of 5 crowns with Char and Roxy and Sweetiepie and girls
  • got all the costumes for the dance festival gathered, marked and packed up ready for next weekend
  • had 3 folks from the ward drop by (still in my nightie) awesome!!
  • made an Oriental Salad for the fish fry tonight
  • finally got into the tub about 3:30 and got cleaned up for said fish fry
  • gathered up stuff to decorate tables for said fish fry (Sweetiepie was in charge)
  • went to High Priest Fish fry early to decorate tables
  • ate to much at the fish fry
  • undid the decorations from the fish fry
  • made a k-billion trips to the car loading and unloading the decorations
  • helped Sweetiepie unload the car with all the decorations
  • crap (decorations) all over the breakfast room (can't drag myself to put it up)
  • started a load of tablecloths
  • sat down and started to cry
  • my knee is killing me!!

So, I applied pain patches (under red duct tape)
and started to reach out to some of my blog buddies......
and I learned....................
  • I missed Diane's sale at the Rustic Hutch (crap) I really, really, really wanted to go!! I forgot all about it......just too much going on!
  • I am always uplifted by Paula's sweet thoughts.....decided I need to quit whining and count my I did!
  • I learned my sweet friend Sassy has to have a couple of surgeries....and probably one of them is on her knee~kind of makes my knee seem not so bad after all!

Sweetiepie brought me red tulips today and I took a pain pill
and we'll start it all over again tomorrow!!!!
minus the pain, of course!


Paula said...

O, Bev! I wish I could have loaded and unloaded and tagged and packed and just helped you today! Maybe tomorrow after church that sweet man of yours will make you put your feet up and rest that knee. You are always so busy helping others, I pray that all that goodness will rush back to you and warm and heal you. Love you to bits!

I'll bet Char just loved the bread lesson! I just made it again yesterday. I need to make it again soon to take to some neighbors. Carol sure did spread some happiness with teaching us!

Sassy said...

I need to learn how to make that sounds awesome!!! Ohhhh my have been so very busy...ALWAYS in the service of others...I hope you have been able to baby your knee today...I love that your man is so good to you and will probably take awesome care of you.....I sure love and appreciate you and your kindnesses shown to me.....

Jenny Johnson said...

OH MY GOODNESS BEV!!! You need a break from life. You are wonder woman though and through

The Kleyn Family said...

Whew! Weekends were supposed to be less work than during the week, right?! Hope it eases up ;)