Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok, Paula double dog dared me to play the "10 favorite things" game with the letter "K". It's a hard one and I loved Marcy's post when she played with pictures, so I'm going to give it a we go......................

Karaoke~I love to hear my BFF Terri doing it! Especially when Enrichment is involved. It's a joke.....

Kings~As in Burger...........yeah, you get it! He's my kind of man!!

Knees~Try walking without 'em! Love 'em for sure.

Kindergarten~I love Kindergarten~the beginning of many long years of school ahead of you. Tanner loves Kindergarten too~

Knights~In shining armor! Yeah, I have one!!

KoolAid~Especially when you can chase it with a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.......yeah!


Kiss~There is just nothing quite like a good kiss! Some are better than others, especially if it's from your Sweetie Pie!

Ketchup~How could you eat fish and chips, french fries or scrambled eggs without Ketchup?
What's not to love?

Kids~I love kids! Especially my grand kids!
Kettlecorn~I love kettlecorn, especially at the Fair or a Carnival. Very fattening though, that's probably why I love it!

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