Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 4th of July was always a big camping weekend for my family.
My mother's family always have their family reunion on the weekend of the 4th and this year is no exception.
As a matter of fact, some of my family has already left and they are so excited to go camping. I've never been a camper and I probably never will be. We're going to the family reunion Sat. (for the day only) then we'll be home in time for bed.
"I ♥ not camping"!


Turley fam said...

Oh Bev, you are missing out. Camping is the best!

Erin said...

I'm not a camper, either. I camp in a cabin!!! :) I don't blame you at all! Have fun this weekend!

Paula said...

I will so miss the sitting around camp and visiting! Tell everyone HI for me! It's just to blasted far away for me to go. Camping has evolved for me over the years. sleeping on the ground under the stars to sleeping in a tent on an air mattress, to having a tent trailer, and eventually the Motel. I'm with you, now. I love the shower and clean sheets!

Petersens said...

Camping is totally the best! Although bathroom facilities (at least for women) make the experience much more enjoyable ;) Happy 4th!