Sunday, July 26, 2009

I hope Jesus doesn't want me for a "Sunbeam"
"Sunbeam's are just to HOT!"
It's 112 degrees out there!

But, we have these great aluminum glasses
and when I drink out of them it takes me back to being a kid in HOT, HOT Phoenix~there was nothing like a cold drink of water or soda out of an aluminum glass
Guess what I had today after church.....yep, you guessed it
A cold glass of ice with Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper
Hoke and Diane gave us a set of them a few years ago and during the summer they are one of my favorite things!


Salvage Chic Lady said...

Everybody loves ours too!!

Paula said...

I so remember those wonderfully cold to the touch beverage containers. My favorite was the gold one! When I set the table, I always got it!
Your are Jesus' sunbeam.
...and you are HOT!

Roxy Dozier said...

My mom has a few of those cups too. She's always using it so I've never had the pleasure of enjoying a nice cold DP out of one. Love the new background!! It is so you!!