Friday, July 24, 2009

This could be expensive......

I ♥ apothecary jars!
I love them full of all kinds of things
All different colors and textures

Take a bunch of different fruits~

different colors~

different sizes~

And wa~la~
instant cuteness!!

I can see my Christmas tree decorated with these clear ornaments, filled with RED HOTS and hung by some cute polka dot ribbon

Hey....what a good idea

Be sure to check out this website~


Matt & Erin said...

What a great site- I love all the jars!! (but, shhh don't tell Matt, this is VERY dangerous) :)

Turley fam said...

Oh wow, love the ideas. Apothocary jars are so much fun! I have quite a collection myself.

Kristina Wilson said...

that is sooo cuteee! I love that idea! :)