Sunday, July 12, 2009

Double Stuff Baby Shower

Our baby shower invite....made by Alyse
(I'll get her business blog and post it at a later time)
She's got some darling ideas!!

Lindsee, the STAR of the evening, along with Nora and Byron, twins, still in her tummy.

Lindsee and her BFF, Kim, comparing tummy's. Kim is due in August and Lindsee is due in Nov., but it'll probably be Oct.
I think Lindsee is already the biggest....and a few more months to go
(I hope she doesn't pop)

Babies names to decorate the nursery. Nursery is being done in primary colors, gender nuteral, how cute!!
Lindsee, love your HAIR!! So sassy!!

Opening the many nice things!!

Kim, Terri (Lindsee's Mom) and Lindsee

More of the BFF pregnant Momma's!~
Who's the biggest?

Having refreshments for THREE!

My BFF, Marla and I hosted the "Double Stuff" shower

Our colors were black, white and lime green
No pink and blue at this celebration!
We served individual Oreo (double stuff) cheese cakes
Fresh fruit
Hawaiian Cheese Ball
Cheddar Cheese Ball
Our "OH BABY BABY" banner

Our table

Love the polka dots

And......the real STAR of the show


Salvage Chic Lady said...

Love seeing all the niece is also pregnant with twins, due in October, two girls. I bet they're all hanging out together!

Lindsee said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bev! (and Marls :) I can't say it enought! It was so cute, yummy food and needless to say my babies and I got SPOILED!!!

You sure know how to throw a party!

Kristina Wilson said...

Oh that is just so cuteee! :) You are so creative! :) LOVE IT!! and HOLY COW they are soo big! haha.

Jeff and Jenny said...

That turned out so great!!! I loved it!