Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someone special is 10 yrs. old today!

Happy Birthday, Rylle!
10 yrs old
10 things I ♥ about Rylle
  1. He's my first grandson
  2. He loves me unconditionally
  3. He can talk like no other-NON STOP! about nothing
  4. He's always willing to help
  5. He always tries to Choose The Right
  6. He's a good wrestler
  7. He loves his family
  8. He's SMART
  9. He's full of energy
  10. He's the best grandson a grandma could ever ask for
We ♥ you Rylle
Happy Birthday

1 comment:

The Egans said...

He's soo big now!! Who would have known that the 4lb baby would be sooo big